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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Get Rid of Skin Tags Instantly!

Most people that have visible skin tags they wish would just disappear! In addition to being unsightly, skin tags can get stuck in jewelery and become irritated by clothing.

The good news is that Body Beautiful can painlessly and instantly vaporize skin tags using the latest radio frequency. Even better, Body Beautiful Spa can remove skin tags at a fraction of the cost a dermatologist charges.

About Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common soft skin growths that often form somewhere on the eyelids, armpits, neck, under breasts, and in groin folds.

The are usually flesh-colored, however they can also be darkly pigmented.

Most people develop skin tags sometime in their life. Those in middle-age and older are particularly prone to them. While some skin tags stay very small, others can grow as larger, sometimes as large as a grape. Some people only get one or two skin tags. Other people can develop over 100!

Other than being unsightly and annoying, skin tags are benign and harmless. Fortunately removing skin tags does not cause more to grow. Typically once they are removed, they do not grow back.

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About Skin Tag Removal

The great news is that today skin tags can be easily, and usually painlessly removed.

Body Beautiful uses the Skin Classic, the latest technology in radio frequency, to remove skin tags and other benign growths. Normally, skin tags are completely removed in just one treatment.

Where older methods such as a scalpel excision or liquid nitrogen (also called cryosurgery or freezing) can be painful and can result in scarring, the Skin Classic is typically painless and rarely scars. If your skin tags are in a sensitive area, your licensed aesthetician may apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your treatment is painless.

Skin Tag Removal Options

skin-tags-on-face-700x250Many dermatologists who perform skin tag removal charge $100 or more per skin tag! At Body Beautiful Spa, you have your choice of:

  • One Skin Tag Removed $69
  • 15 Minutes of Skin Tag Removal $99
  • 30 Minutes of Skin Tag Removal $149
  • 60 Minutes of Skin Tag Removal $249

If you are not sure whether you have a skin tag, fibroma, or mole, Body Beautiful can look at the growth under a small ultraviolet light. The light will illuminate any blood supply, which would indicate the growth needs to be removed by a dermatologist.

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